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What is The Maintenance Minderâ„¢ System?

Coming standard on all 2023 and newer Honda models, Honda Maintenance Minder™ is a system that utilizes the vehicle’s onboard computer system to notify its drivers when a specific service is required, and will ensure that you’re staying up-to-date on your vehicle’s maintenance needs and multi-point inspections. Unlike other maintenance reminder systems that use timers and mileage as service benchmarks, the sophisticated Honda Maintenance Minder™ system can intelligently evaluate your personal driving habits and engine operating characteristics to determine the optimal time to schedule maintenance.

Using the on-board computer, it continuously monitors engine operating systems, such as speed, temperature, and time. When your Honda is due for scheduled maintenance, the Maintenance Minderâ„¢ will use visual alerts and even send a handy reminder to your phone to let you know what exact service is needed.

Along with warning lights, the Maintenance Minderâ„¢ system uses a series of letters and numbers to help you determine what service is needed. You can learn more about Maintenance Minderâ„¢ codes A and B below.

  • A: Replace engine oil
  • B: Replace engine oil and filter, check front and rear brakes, inspect additional working parts of the vehicle

There are also numerical codes that indicate specific services are needed.

  • 1: Rotate and check tires
  • 2: Replace air cleaner, replace dust and pollen filter, and inspect drive belt
  • 3: Replace automatic transmission fluid
  • 4: Replace spark plugs and inspect valve clearance
  • 5: Replace engine coolant
  • 6: Replace rear differential fluid
  • 7: Replace brake fluid

Since all Honda models and drivers alike have different needs, the Maintenance Minderâ„¢ codes ensure that service is specified to your vehicle.

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