Unlimited Time and Unlimited Miles

Every new Honda includes a real, nationwide lifetime warranty, valid anywhere in the U.S. and Canada at no additional cost.

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with Herson’s Honda Limited Lifetime Warranty, exclusively for new vehicles. Our warranty comes without any time or mileage restrictions, ensuring your engine, transmission, and drivetrain are protected for the duration of your ownership.

This complimentary benefit underscores our commitment to your satisfaction, setting a new standard for your experience with Herson’s Honda.

*This offer is applicable solely to new vehicles.


The warranty remains in effect from the date of your vehicle’s purchase for as long as you own the car, providing lifetime assurance.


Coverage includes the cylinder block, heads, internal parts, intake and exhaust manifolds, timing components, valve covers, flywheel, oil pump, water pump, oil pan, turbo/supercharger units, engine mounts, and the EGR valve, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Drivetrain Assembly

The warranty covers all key drivetrain components, including axle housings, shafts, bearings, joints, drive shafts, 4×4 systems, and more, ensuring smooth operation in both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive configurations.


Our warranty is a stated-component inclusionary powertrain warranty, which specifically covers the components listed above, providing clear and concise protection.

Transmission/Transfer Case/All-Wheel Drive Assembly

Protected components include the transmission and transfer cases, internal parts, torque converter, cooler lines, mounts, and clutch assembly cylinders, offering complete peace of mind.

Additional Coverage Available

At the time of purchase, opt for our Pro-Certified Lifetime Wraps for even broader coverage, including seals, gaskets, and LED lights, along with perks like roadside assistance and coverage for travel breakdown expenses.

New Car Lifetime Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Absolutely not! Unlike other Dealers that claim to offer a Lifetime Warranty, you do NOT have to bring your vehicle to us for every single maintenance.

    • Yes, it is valid at any dealership in the United States and Canada.

    • No, just do your regular factory recommended maintenance (see your owner’s manual).

    • No, the warranty stays with the vehicle and the original owner.

    • No, the warranty is included on new vehicles at the time of purchase.

    • No, only New Honda vehicles qualify, however – select used vehicles do come with Herson’s 6 month/6K mile used car warranty.

      i. Herson’s will cover 100% of any mechanical failures that may occur
      that are not caused by a collision.

      ii. Towing Reimbursement

      ili. Substitute Transportation Reimbursement: for when you car repair
      takes more than a day.

      *See dealer for details. Vehicle not covered if vehicle has more than 200K miles at time of purchase. Towing reimbursement not to exceed $125. Each warranty claim must be approved by the used car GSM.

    • Absolutely! At time of purchase ONLY, you can upgrade the warranty to cover everything except maintenance items.

    • Absolutely! Restrictions apply. See dealer for details. Tow reimbursement not to exceed $100.

Herson's Honda Advantage

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